May 17, 2018

Dr. Leonard Stavrositu, owner of Implant3D, “What’s up, Doctor?”

In the show “What’s up, Doctor?” From ProTv News, presented by Oana Cuzino, the subject was debated about periodontal disease, which, unfortunately, can not be removed only with scrap. Despite proper hygiene, deposits occur on teeth surfaces that are not in the heate.

Many people turn to detartrage in such situations. The procedure is not sufficient, however, and does not eliminate the risk of periodontal disease. Broken teeth are the perfect place for tartar. From the age of 16, the amount of saliva in the child’s oral cavity begins to decrease and this phenomenon will accentuate the deposition of tartar. The texture, the structure, full of holes, which does not have to do with the tooth, will promote the exaggerated development of bacteria and, moreover, they will develop their metabolism products in the body, which are toxic and in large quantities. In these conditions we can notice the beginning of the periodontal or popular periodontitis disease.

Dr. Leonard Stavrositu, owner Implant3D :

It is possible to deposit the kind of subgingival bacteria that can create, first of all, large jaws for jaw bones. The root of each tooth is fixed to the jaw bones by pulley-like structures, these bonds being most sensitive to the attack of bacteria in the tartar. There are problems of tooth mobility.

That is why, in addition to daily brushes, it is necessary to clean every 6 months, but the scratch removes only the visible tartar. If the doctor realizes that there is tartar and under the gum, he recommends the so-called subgingival scrubs, that is, an in-depth cleaning of the tooth.

Dr. Leonard Stavrositu, owner Implant3D :

Subgingival chuckles are mandatory in periodontal disease. Laser treatments can also be done. After cleaning the affected area under the gum, the laser is required, which sterilizes the area and thus becomes perfectly clean.

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