Medical Office

For me and my assistants, it was important not only to find a new and effective technique of total rehabilitation of the teeth of our patients, but also to recover self-confidence and their courage to laugh with lust. So, we focused our efforts on perfecting a teeth that would render to your smile all that can consecrate it.

Thus, we have adopted and perfected a revolutionary technique of the dental implant – Fast & Fixed, with which anyone can have new and perfect teeth in a single session.

Even if you have been discouraged, and you have been told that you are not satisfying the conditions of the dental implant surgery, or that you have a shortage of bone mass that requires alternative implant procedures, we will solve your problems by giving you a complete oral rehabilitation program using Fast & Fixed technique.

What should I expect when I get into the medical office?

Making a dental implant through Fast & Fixed technology is a procedure that aims at a total oral rehabilitation that will be fast and minimally invasive. At Implant3D, I will take a careful initial assessment, setting out the best treatment plan for your dental condition. This initial assessment consists of a full examination and a diagnosis. With a computer software program, I will create a three-dimensional image of your jaw and then simulate the fitting of “virtual implants” into that 3D image of your jaw to ensure the accuracy of the operation you are going to do. To facilitate the procedure and ensure quality, the fixed dental bridge is manufactured prior to surgery.

Can I be a Candidate for Fast & Fixed Dental Technique?

I recommend this procedure for patients who are currently using dentures, or who will soon have to use one. There is no age limit for the use of this technique, but it is preferable for patients to have a favorable health condition. Typically, the procedure can also be performed and patients who have diabetes, osteoporosis or for whom the bone implant health condition is contraindicated; however, smokers will be required a period of abstinence required to apply this technique.

You are also a good candidate for Fast & Fixed dental implants, as long as you do not have the mood, the material resources and the time it takes to do the alternative dental implant procedures that can take a long time.

Last but not least, you are a good candidate if you are tired of the embarrassing moments caused by the precarious condition of your teeth.

How will the implants look?

You can expect a natural look, as these dental implants are specially designed to be felt and look natural, starting from your face’s features. You can choose the color, shape and size of your new teeth anyway. At the same time, there is no doubt about any dictation or mastication impediment. What’s more, you will have a look and functionality of the new teeth that are totally similar to a natural teeth, so your smile will be perfect and will make you confident at all times.

What should I expect after implants?

You will have a smile immediately, as your new implants will very much resemble your natural teeth and will be considered as such. It is recommended, however, to use dental floss and tooth brushing at least twice a day. At Implant3D, I will provide you with an effective hygiene program to ensure the best care for your new implants.

Is the teeth detachable on Fast & Fixed implants?

The Fast & Fixed dental implant system consists of four titanium implants, the stability of which is permanent, and the denture fixed on them is also definitive and palatine-free.