About Us

Who am i and how can i make you smile beautifully

My name is Leo Stavrositu, I am a dentist and I can give you the biggest smile, giving you new and beautiful teeth in one visit. For me, you will not be a simple patient, but you will be a candidate for long and long-lasting smiles. I will focus on the best solutions for missing teeth, long lasting smiles and your comfort.

Many of my patients come to Implant3D because they are unhappy with their current teeth or dental work, looking for an alternative type of fixed prosthesis.

Many of them were also discouraged from putting implants, either because of bone mass deficiency or other health problems, compared to conventional contraception surgery. Here, for all of these cases – including patients who unfortunately had a serious bone failure – thanks to Fast & Fixed revolutionary technology, developed and perfected by the clinic I represent, I managed to find the right solution for recovering a new and complete set of teeth, both for the upper and lower jaws, for a new, natural and complete smile that will regain your self-confidence and enthusiasm to make your life more beautiful and smiley.

With the Fast&Fixed dental implant technique, anyone can have new and beautiful teeth in one session, even if you have been told you are not satisfying the dental implant surgery conditions or have a bone mass deficiency that requires alternative implant procedures .