Fast & Fixed

What is the new Fast & Fixed technology and how friendly it is

The Fast & Fixed Technique I use and recommend to you is a breakthrough ultra-efficient, developed and refined approach over the course of a decade that will enable you to have a quick and total oral rehabilitation by attaching only four titanium dental implants, in both jaws, through a friendly, painless and short-term procedure involving a minimal degree of invasion. A first step in this technique is to create a three-dimensional image of the jaw using a computer software program and then to simulate the installation of virtual implants in the 3D representation of your jaw to ensure the accuracy of the operation you are going to do what.

The next step is to insert physical implants. These implants form the base of the dental bridge, allowing the fitting of a fixed set of teeth, totally similar to natural teeth. This technique stabilizes bone mass levels, while maintaining the hygiene and health of the jaws. By tilting at a 45 ° angle, the two Fast & Fixed posterior implants allow a set of teeth to be attached to even boneless patients without the need for bone transplantation. Whether you have lost your teeth, or your teeth are so damaged that you are going to lose them soon, this treatment method is recognized as the most effective in fixed prosthetic bridges.

The result gives you a fixed teeth that can not be detached, giving you a natural look that can not be distinguished by natural teeth. In other words, you will have a new and beautiful natural smile


Fast & Fixed Zygomatic Implants

Depending on the diagnosis based on dental x-rays, it is possible to use extra long dental implants, namely in cases where the available amount of bone mass in the upper jaw is insufficient. These implants are called Fast & Fixed zygomatic implants and are anchored in the cheek bone, thus providing an alternative for the grafting procedure of the upper jaw bone tissue.

The procedure for the insertion of zygomatic dental implants is under general anesthesia and is performed by a specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery. Through Fast & Fixed Technique, your new teeth can be attached to these implants only three days after surgery.

In some cases, the upper jaw may have a bone mass deficiency even in the previous region. However, it is not worrying, because for these cases, double inserts with zigomatic implants can be made available on both sides of the bone of the cheek so that it is possible to fix a complete set of superior teeth, which as appearance and functionality does not is not at all different from the natural ones.

Why I recommend and what are the benefits of Fast & Fixed technology

Whether you are missing teeth, or that their precariousness is so severe that their loss is inevitable, requires an optimal solution, both in terms of cost and duration, and efficiency. Thus, although conventional, individual dental implants provide a viable alternative, the advantages of the Fast & Fixed technique are incontrovertible: the risk of paradontal diseases underlying the pains and infections caused by bacteria is reduced by 98%. Also, paradontal diseases have many associated risks, including diabetes, heart disease or Alzheimer’s syndrome. Therefore, by giving you the option for Fast & Fixed dental implants, I will also ensure your oral and general health.

First of all, this dental technique is considered to be the most advanced, implying a level of success and efficiency much higher than traditional implant techniques – 98%.

Effectively eliminates the need for bone mass grafting, which is invasive, costly and that would also cause you a lot of discomfort; moreover, healing is faster than that involving bone grafting.

You will tolerate this procedure very well, while being short-lived – it usually does not take more than an hour or two for a full oral rehabilitation.

Typically, the procedure can also be performed on patients who have diabetes, osteoporosis or for whom the bone implant health condition is contraindicated.

All steps involved in the procedure are completed within a single day – both dental cosmetic surgery and non-resettable ficsi teeth with immediate functionality. Traditional techniques often involve multiple surgeries, and their completion may take more than a year.

Your teeth will have a natural look, making them feel and functioning like natural teeth.

You will at the same time benefit from a superior level of hygiene, as your teeth will be easy to maintain and clean. Also, the risk of zonal dental inflammation will be eliminated.

The costs you will incur will be considerably lower, approximately half of the costs specific to alternative procedures (bone grafting and fitting more than four implants).

You will have the freedom to eat everything you want, freeing yourself from the stress of your usual questions, “… am I allowed to eat this?”; you will not lack the support and strength you need, and you will not feel warm or cold sensation, and bone degradation is pre-emptied.

One of the most important benefits I guarantee is, of course, to give you the confidence to laugh naturally without any hesitation.