May 18, 2018

You like to smile!

At Implant3D we like smiles!

We believe that everyone deserves to be able to smile with confidence and we are fortunate enough to be able to help many people every day to achieve this.

With the emphasis on fast implants and dental faces, to replace missing teeth that are lost through trauma, illness or aging, at Implant3D our main mission is to restore smiles to their former glory – or better!

The difference that this important step can bring to a person’s life is absolutely phenomenal and we feel so lucky and grateful that not only can we offer this to people but enjoy their joy in the most important moments when our patients see the end result.

An important change in your life

Dental implant treatment can absolutely change life for those who have missing teeth because they offer a permanent solution to a problem that can cause embarrassment and confidence. People with missing or very bad teeth often struggle to wear prostheses because they can slip or move when they eat, talk or, in some cases, they can simply live without a smile that they desperately try to conceal. These things can have devastating effects on a person’s confidence, causing her to avoid social situations.

At Implant3D, dental implant treatment uses the latest techniques and technologies to make sure our patients receive the best possible care, the best and most effective solution in the shortest possible time. By inserting fast FIX-PE-LOC | IMPLANT3D dental implants as a permanent solution to missing teeth, we are able to give people the smile they deserve and this is the best part of our job! As all our patients have seen and felt at Implant3D, we are absolutely passionate about the treatments we offer, the services and care we offer, and the patients we treat. So, if you are currently suffering from teeth, we expect you to return your lost smile.

Why lower prices on Implant3D?

Now, thanks to 3D technology and the medical team experience, we are able to offer our services at the best value for money. Not only are we able to give people more chance to regain their smile by doing the most advanced technologies and products available at lower cost compared to other private dental clinics in Romania or other European countries.

Rates —–> (click aici)

If you want to talk with a doctor of our team and advise you, call us at 0733 173 232, where you can ask questions and get an initial consultation.

! Do not forget ! : THE GLAZER is, like a fingerprint, UNIC. A beautiful, full, broad smile was, is and will be a social message of well-being, charm, power, personality, and why not, the “piece” of resistance for anyone who “holds” it.

Turn your holiday or a few free days into the smile!
Wherever you are, you can make an appointment at Implant3d (in private, a facebook message) and have the chance of some complex work on the same day. FIX-PE-LOC!

For any additional information and appointments, you can call the Implant3D dental office phone number (0733 173 232) or send us private messages on our facebook page, where you can have a dialogue with a specialist Implant3D. Click here—> Implant3D

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