Implant3D prices

At the Implant3D dental clinic, fortunately, we can, thanks to the new FIX-PE-LOC dental implant system and 3D technology, provide you with the optimal cost, time and efficiency ratio so that the costs you will incur will be considerable lower compared to alternative dental implant systems, which require long, long meetings, and whose effectiveness is much lower.

Implant3D can offer you a wide range of dental medical services but, essentially, the most important, in the main direction our dental office addresses and wants to communicate to patients, are the following:

  • For the Fast & Fixed, All-on-4 or All-on-6 system, for total rehabilitation of the teeth, in a single session or, as the case may be, within 3-5 days, the price starts from 3000 euro down and from 3500 euros for the top, including surgery, temporary work, and immediate work.
  • For the IHDE IMPLANT SWITZERLAND system, for total restoration of the teeth, the maximum work is done within 3-5 days:
    5000 € an arcade (superior or inferior), metal-composite work.
    6000 € an arcade (superior or inferior), metal-ceramic work.
  • Dental face made in the lab – 200 euro. (execution time 5-7 days)
  • FIX-PE-LOC dental face made in the 250 euro cabinet (the same day)
  • Fast dental implant from 350 euros.
  • a metal-ceramic crown – 100 €
  • a zirconium crown – 200 €

Why lower prices on Implant3D?

Implant3D, a modern dental office with a team of professionals and advanced technology, manages to apply lower prices to its patients due to an optimized, flexible organization, unlike most large clinics, where prices are “hidden” and found ( but they do not see) large expenses, losses and additions.

Turn your holiday or a few free days into the smile!
Wherever you are, you can make an appointment at Implant3d (in private on 0733 173 232, facebook) and get the chance of some complex work the same day. FIX-IN-PLACE!

For any other useful information you want to find out from us, you can call the phone number displayed on the main page or send us private messages on the facebook page where a specialist Implant3D gives you all the answers and solutions you need.