May 8, 2018

Several cases of rapid dental restoration at Implant3D

Total restoration of teeth in the shortest possible time

Advantages of Immediate Implants at Implant3D, FIX-PE-LOC IMPLANT IMPACTS:

The insert is fixed within 72 hours of implant surgery, saving time and considerable costs. For conventional implants associated with augmentation, bone grafting procedures, the total treatment time will be approximately 6 months to 1 year. In this way, the temporary work is totally eliminated and, with these, the avoidance of a second surgery that the classic implant imposes.

After only three days with the Ihde Implant System, our patient (pictured below) now has a beautiful and healthy teeth. How is it to smile again after years and years? Emotional, of course, for any man who was trying to smile and who realized that this was a real social and personal disability.

The patient, from the pictures below, also experienced the moment of happiness when he recovered and recognized his true image after only two days of treatment.

The entire dental work includes: extractions, implants, immediate fixed prosthesis and, obviously, surgery.

These implants are unique in that they can be made to use the bone available in the best possible way and avoid complicated bone augmentation procedures. For conventional implants, the available bone is altered (using bone grafts, bone replacement grafts, etc.) to fit the implants.

With FIX-PE-LOC rapid basal implants, implants are selected or adapted to suit the patient’s available bone – in terms of quality and quantity. Bone growth, if necessary, is only necessary for aesthetic reasons and not for improving implant anchorage in the bone.

The designs and revolutionary features of basal implants help us treat a wide variety of cases that can not be attempted with conventional two or three-piece implants. Many of the implants have smooth surface plans that do not allow bacterial colonization on the implant surfaces, which in turn significantly reduces the incidence of peri-implant.


Minimally invasive surgery, minimal surgical complications – in most cases, single-piece screw implants can be inserted in a minimally invasive manner – often without flaps (“Keyhole implants”) and involving minimal bone perforation. Being minimally invasive, they are also associated with minimal postoperative edema and the healing of the procedures where the procedure takes place is rapid. Additional surgical risks and complications are eliminated, moreover, this type of impedance brings significant cost savings.

Reconstruction of the teeth with zirconium bridges at Implant3D

Reconstruction of the teeth and finally your smile with dental face

Reconstruction of the teeth and finally your smile with dental faces is done even in one session at Implant3D.

Statistically, to restore dental teeth, it is necessary to attach them to 6-8 teeth on the jaw and 10 teeth on the mandible.

It’s not just about a simple and perfect reconstruction of beautiful dances, but about the true personality of each of us. There are only a few patients who have experienced this unique experience at Implant3D.

Implant3D has created a simple communication system to further streamline the time for future patients:

  1. Direct dialogue on Implant3D facebook page, through the Messenger section, with an Implant3D specialist, before coming to the dental office. Possibility to send the radiographs requested by the physician, thus allowing a pre-assessment of the patient’s medical condition. After these simple steps, you can directly, in agreement with your dentist, schedule a dental office Implant3D. These steps are beneficial for people living outside of Romania or other localities in the province who want to solve dental problems in the shortest possible time at the most convenient price. It is already known that the number of Romanians who are forced to work abroad is increasing and health insurance in the EU, which helps them to maintain their health, does not include dental services, which have very high costs and almost impossible to access for ordinary people. The dental office Implan3D comes to meet this problem and offers the best time and price solutions.
  2. At the time of medical pre-evaluation, patients will know approximately (often with precision) the time they need for dental work, for which they come to the cabinet.
  3. Thanks to the new technologies, Implant3D can solve dental problems during your vacation, where you can combine useful with pleasure in the most efficient way possible. Many Romanians who work outside the country benefit from a 4-year leave per year, sufficient for the most complex dental work, but at 5-6 times lower prices than in the developed countries of the European Union.
  4. Dental treatment plans and appointments can now be made free of charge at Implant3D, due to the evolution of technology, developed in Romania as well as in other EU countries.
  5. Implant3D works, like other clinics from abroad, with state-of-the-art technology and high-quality materials. FIX-PE-LOC is done in the cabinet, rehabilitation or total restoration of the teeth is done from a single session to a maximum of 3-5 days, and a single implant can be inserted even in one hour. You can, from the very beginning, preview your future smile and make any choice you want in terms of the color of your future teeth, which you have dreamed so much about.

Turn your holiday or a few free days into the smile!
Wherever you are, you can make an appointment at Implant3d (in private, a facebook message) and have the chance of some complex work on the same day. FIX-PE-LOC!

For any additional information and appointments, you can call the Implant3D dental office phone number (0733 173 232) or send us private messages on our facebook page, where you can have a dialogue with a specialist Implant3D. Click here—> Implant3D



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