May 8, 2018

FIX-PE-LOC IMPLANT3D | The fastest procedures for teeth reconstruction

The fastest procedures for total or partial reconstruction of teeth FIX-PE-LOC IMPLANT3D


Immediate basal implants, which, at Implant3D, have been conceptualized with the name FAST-IMPLANTS FIX-PE-LOC 

The final work is fixed within a maximum of 72 hours. Implant surgery means saving time and considerable costs in this case. For conventional implants associated with augmentation, bone grafting procedures, the total treatment time is approximately 6 months to 1 year. In this way, the temporary work is totally eliminated and, with these, the avoidance of a second surgery that the classic implant imposes.

FIX-PE-LOC basal implants are single-piece implants in which the implant and the pivot are basically “gathered” into one element. This minimizes the failure of implants due to the interface problems between connections that exist in conventional implants consisting of two and even three pieces.

The fascinating part of the FIX-PE-LOC fast basal implant procedure is that even in the case of acute periodontitis without hope, after complete extraction of the affected teeth, basal implantation procedures can be performed. Even in these cases, immediate fixation of the prosthesis is performed within 72 hours of implantation. The price of an implant goes from 350 euros.


Ihde dental – Swiss quality

The method of Prof. Stefan Ihde (Switzerland) has been used more than 20 years in the world and is now available at Implant3D. This type of implant is among the most advanced implant systems in Switzerland (IHDE DENTAL). The patients, within 72 hours, receive implants and teeth (the crowns are made in the cabinet with 3D technology). This method is very interesting for the jaw, when there is a lack of bone mass, in which other implant systems can not succeed. Why is this sure method and eternal guarantee? Because implants “love” the basal bone, talking about bones that are not absorbed by the remaining jaw bone. It is a non-surgical “flap” that is done with the opening of the gum area, which means minimally invasive, painless surgery.

What is this dental implant method?

– a number of 8-10 maxillary or mandibular implants is inserted.- within 5 days the final work is done.

– within 5 days the final work is done.


5000 € an arcade (superior or inferior), metal-composite work..

6000 € an arcade (superior or inferior), metal-ceramic work.


The Fast & Fixed system is an innovative German concept with state-of-the-art technology that inserts the dental implants without pain, and at the same time applies the dental work in a single visit.

The entire dental work includes: extraction, implantation, immediate fixed prosthesis and, obviously, surgery.

In this way, at the end of the hearing, the patient leaves the dental office with implants and teeth (temporary), being able to return immediately to a normal social life, and after a few months return to the final work. Restoring missing teeth through this new system has several advantages.

In the Fast & Fixed system, straight implants and 35-degree angled implants are attached to which the dental work is attached within hours after insertion of the implants. Everything is done in one session.

Cheaper (savings of up to 60% on the treatment plan): Restoring teeth through this innovative system is much cheaper than restoring through a classic dental implant!

Treatment in 24 hours: extractions, implant insertion, and fixed prosthesis are done one day!100% aesthetic result!

No pain: due to the anesthesia techniques used, the dental implant will be performed without the patients feeling pain!

Fast & Fixed Implants provide full recovery and functionality in just 24 hours;

They can benefit from fast dental implants primarily for patients requiring complete restorations. There are patients who are already carriers of mobile prostheses, but most are those whose out-of-teeth can not be saved and which on the same day undergo multiple extractions, insertion of implants, addition of additional bone where appropriate, but at the end of the session leaving teeth in their mouths, teeth restoring their physiognomy, restoring the masticatory function and, last but not least, immediate reintegration into social life.

The Fast & Fixed system is indicated for patients who have fewer teeth left on arches (with indication of extraction) or even no tooth. In this situation, implants and fixed work can be done in one day without the need for bone addition procedures, thus shortening the waiting time.


Step 1 – Surgical phase – Insert dental implants
The operation is performed under local anesthesia or, more rarely, with the patient sedated intravenously.
If necessary, dental extractions may be performed at the same session.
Insert the implants into the bone and, if necessary, make some bone additions and remodel the gum. Implant insertion takes approximately 2 hours for each arcade (6 implants on the jaw and / or 4 mandibular implants)

THE PATIENT DOES NOT FOLLOW ANY IMPLANT REMOVAL DURATION! Most patients reported that they did not feel any pain, both during the procedure and the next few days.
Step 2 – Making and Attaching Fixed Provisional Dental Works
On the same day that the implants are inserted, the patient is attached to the temporary work (FICSI teeth) so that he can eat and smile normally during the entire treatment! These dental works look very natural, so no one will realize that they are just temporary works.

Total prices Phase 1 (step 1 + step 2):
Maxilar: from 3500 euros (6 implants + temporary fixation)
Mandibula: from 3000 eur (4 implants + temporary fixation)

After healing and osteointegration of implants, temporary work is replaced by definitive dental work (definitive teeth) that can be made of several types of material: porcelain (ceramics), zirconium ceramics, VIP pressed ceramics.

Total prices Phase 2:
For jaw, 1200 euro.
For jaw, 1500 euro.

Important to remember!

Not for all patients it is possible to perform this procedure, restoring teeth in one sitting or one day. It depends very much on the particularities and problems of each patient, but for them the duration is very short in time, maximum 3-5 days.



Reconstruction of FIX-PE-LOC dental teeth IMPLANT3D

Typically, the reconstruction of dental teeth is done in two sessions, at the dental office, but at Implant3D, thanks to digital camera-owned technology, where the fetus is “manufactured” in place, in front of the patient, this work can be done in a meeting.

In the first phase the teeth will be prepared, that is, a very small thickness of 0.3 mm will be grinded out of them. This preparation procedure is minimally invasive and

Immediately the faces are made with 3D technology in the cabinet. In the second phase, the dental faces, “glued” on each tooth, will actually be applied.

The price of a face at Implant3D is 200 euro (made in the laboratory within 5-7 days), and the one made in the office on the same day is 250 euros.

How do I schedule?

You can call us at 0733 173 232 and a member of our team will answer your questions and together we will schedule a cabinet appointment for an initial consultation. Alternatively, you can send us a message via our site (right here, by article) and on our facebook page with a simple clik —–> aici !

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